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Although my career has taken me away from Fashion as a genre, and ultimately pulled me away from photography as a profession, I believe this site should remain for historical reasons, and to serve as a portrait portfolio.  The following paragraphs serve to give you a small glimpse into my history as a visual creator, as it relates specifically to photography.

“The first photographer I can remember giving me inspiration was Avedon, I didn’t just want to be like him, I wanted to be him. This dream was thwarted by family encouragement to get a real job and abstract notions of security’s dominance over the importance of happiness and passion. This notion only held for so long, as the deeper human ambitions eventually persevered over working mundane positions in similar creative fields.

A long line of classic creative education lies in my history. Apprentice for a classically trained typesetter, high end independent graphic designer, and a sign shop to learn the realm of plotters and vinyl, just to name a few. Eventually this all led to working as a grand format prepress technician and embracing photography as a hobby, and an unattainable career goal.

The automotive world was also an addiction of mine, as it is you could have classified me as a “car guy”. To this point, a Nikon FG was my instrument of choice until the gift of the original Canon Digital Rebel changed the scope of the future. Within six months I was shooting my first automotive editorial assignment, six months following that, my first cover story. Amidst the development of my career as photographer while photographing a drag race, there was an epiphany; the most interesting photos were those with a human presence. Thrust into memories of Avedon, I began to focus on lighting techniques, portraits and fashion while expanding my automotive client base and technique. At the height of any automotive editorial career, my largest client was bought out and shut down taking away 80% of the business. It was time to change everything and focus solely on fashion and portraiture. In 2008, I was a semi finalist in the Hasselblad Masters competition, the recognition necessary to confirm I was on the right track, and reaffirm my ambitions.”

Currently I am an active commercial helicopter pilot at FlyNyon, with nearly 1600 hours of aeronautical experience and the Creative Director at Elevation Ten Thousand.

Below is a sampling of projects from my time as Creative Director at Elevation.


“Hello, Albany” – Alfa Romeo of Albany (New York) from Elevation Ten Thousand on Vimeo.

‘The Call’ – Maserati of Albany (New York) from Elevation Ten Thousand on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes for Maserati Commercial “The Call” from Elevation Ten Thousand on Vimeo.